Google Classroom XBox or Playstation

Dear Parents and Carers,

If your child does not have access to an internet-enabled device but does have access to an Xbox or PlayStation then it is possible to use these consoles to access online learning from the school.

We have trialled these ourselves and would make the following points:

You need to plug a keyboard into the Xbox/PS.It will work with the controller but it is very fiddly.
It is good for watching videos or reading text.
It does not work well for typing answers into a document so use paper for any writing.
Google Slide/PowerPoint presentations can work but they can be rather glitchy.
Good for accessing external sites such as Oak National Academy or BBC Bitesize.

Therefore, if you have no other device, they could be useful to at least monitor what online learning is being set.

How to Use an XBox to Access Home Learning

Plug a keyboard into the USB port.
Go into ‘Games and Apps’.
Launch Microsoft Edge browser.
Do a search for Google Classroom/ClassDojo.
Log in to the class account as normal.

How to Use a PlayStation to Access Home Learning

Attach keyboard using the USB port or Bluetooth.
Identify the PlayStation browser icon (it is WWW with dots around it).
Press the PlayStation logo on the controller.
Go to the library and find options for games and apps.
In Apps, you will find the internet browser.
Do a search for Google Classroom/ClassDojo.
Log in to the class account as normal.

It is not the easiest way to access online learning but does work and will allow you to monitor what your child’s class is doing. We will keep monitoring advice on this and other methods for accessing online work and keep you informed.

Kind regards

Rob van der Eyken (Computing Lead, Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Leader)

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