Our Vision and Purpose

Aspirations Academies share a common vision, common values and a common purpose, with each Academy operating as an individual school, serving the local area, meeting the needs of its pupils and reflecting the leadership style of the Principal.

Our vision

Our vision is to deliver an authentic education for the 21st century for children from the age of 2 to 18. This requires the curriculum to allow for the development of the knowledge, skills and qualifications required today’s highly competitive, fast-changing world. Children in Aspirations Academies learn in a challenging, engaging and supportive environment.
Aspirations Academies Trust

Aspirations has a duty to prepare our young people for success in this future world. This is being done through developing an approach to teaching and learning in which:

  • All students achieve at least expected academic progress and high levels of attainment in national qualifications
  • All students acquire knowledge to be remembered and constantly built upon cumulatively from Early Years to the Sixth Form to deepen their understanding
  • The Aspirations Principles are embedded in all aspects of each academy
  • There is a clear focus on the eleven future skills
  • Our wellness curriculum is in place for all students and staff
  • There is a strong focus on literacy as the key to future success
  • Our no limits curriculum drives an authentic education for the 21st century
  • Our challenge and engagement lesson planning toolkit is an essential feature of learning
  • Our education is fully inclusive for all students
  • Employability and good citizenship are the main drivers of why we do what we do
  • All students develop high levels of self-worth and self-confidence

Aspirations Principles

The three Guiding Principles lead the learning in each academy:

  • Self-worth
  • Engagement
  • Purpose

These are the basis of the Aspirations Trust. If people feel good about themselves they can achieve anything, if they are engaged in what they are doing and see a purpose then they will achieve their dreams.

Our Values

The three Guiding Principles are supported by nine core principles and the 8 conditions that make a difference to raising student aspirations to provide an Aspirations Framework to guide the work in achieving the Aspirations vision.

The Nine Core Principles:

  • High Expectations – Being the very best you can be in your school and community
  • Opportunity – Matching your interests with activities that will help you to leave school well-rounded and confident
  • Challenge – Making your learning exciting and relevant to the real world
  • Talent Development – Enhancing your natural strengths and abilities so you thrive in school and beyond
  • Innovation and Enterprise – Supporting your creativity by encouraging you to ask ‘Why?’ and ‘Why not?’
  • Makers and Creators – Being a creator, not just a consumer, of technology in our digital world
  • Global – Having the cultural awareness needed to communicate in our interconnected world
  • Employability – Equipping you with the skills and abilities you’ll need to excel in our ever-changing world
  • With Big Dreams and Hard Work, Anything is Possible – Aspirations means to dream about the future while being inspired in the present to reach those dreams.

The 8 conditions that make a difference to raising student aspirations:

  • Belonging
  • Heroes
  • Sense of Accomplishment
  • Fun and Excitement
  • Curiosity and Creativity
  • Spirit of Adventure
  • Leadership and responsibility
  • Confidence to Take Action

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