Online Payment System

We are pleased to let you know that Bovington Academy is using an online payment system which we would encourage you to use to pay for school trips and other school activities. We hope that you will find paying in this way is much more  convenient.

We use a system known as SIMS Pay which is very easy-to-use and will offer you the flexibility to make online payments whenever and wherever you like, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – safe in the knowledge that payments are secure and use the highest level of card security and that funds will reach the school safely.

Getting started with SIMS Pay online payments

  1. Please have your child’s unique registration reference, which you need to obtain from the school office, to hand. If you have more than one child each will have their own registration reference and can be added to your account subsequently.
  2. To access SIMS Pay you will need a Microsoft Account. You can use an existing account if you already have one, or create a new one online – they are free, very easy to setup and you can use any email address and password – to get a Microsoft Account please go to
  3. Please login to SIMS Pay from the school website or access
  4. Follow the simple online instructions to register your account.
  5. You will receive a confirmation email – once you have activated your account by clicking the link in the email you will be able to make payments for school items straight away.

Please note this unique registration reference is specific to the addressee and should not be used by anyone else. Please contact your school if your registration reference has expired.

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If you have a child who is starting school in September 2023 we are offering open day slots all through November. Please get in touch…

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