AAT No Limits Curriculum

The Aspirations Academies Trust academies are working together to develop a common curriculum approach from the ages of 4 to 18. The main focus is for the new curriculum to be gradually introduced in Years 4, 7 and 12 in September 2019.

The expectation is for each academy to follow the collective curriculum outlines and philosophy whilst also putting its own personal stamp on their own curriculum. The shared, collective curriculum will enable sufficient commonality of subjects, topics and assignments to enable cross-Trust moderation and raising of standards.

Currently in other year groups the curriculum is unique to each academy, however, in the primary phase there is commonality in that the focus is on English, Maths and the Aspirations (creative) curriculum, whilst in secondary phase there has been a move towards using the same GCSE and A level subject syllabi in order to drive the curriculum across all year groups. The curriculum in each Aspirations Academy will develop significantly over the coming years. This document aims to set down the rationale and principles of the general approach to the curriculum in Aspirations Academies and also forms the basis of each Academy’s curriculum statement.

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