Some of the essential elements to success at Aspirations Academies Trust include:

  • Fully inclusive education – excellent education for every child
  • Highest standards – uniform, behaviour, work, self-discipline, manners and respect
  • Highest expectations – academic performance, skills development, attitude
  • Highest aspirations – university, skilled employment, success
  • Highest quality – outstanding teaching and support

The wearing of school uniform is a feature of Aspirations Academies and plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of a school as well as setting an appropriate tone.

Aspirations Academies believe that school uniform is important for the following reasons:

  • It looks smart
  • It helps children to understand that school is important and should be taken seriously
  • It is practical
  • It creates an atmosphere of teamwork
  • It helps to foster a sense of pride and belonging

The requirements for uniform at Bovington Academy are as follows:

Reception & Year 1

Item DescriptionRetailer
Black v-necked jumper School logo optionalAny supplier
Polo shirt Pale blue with school logo Any supplier

Year 2 – 6

Blazer With school logo Brigade
Black v-necked jumper School logo optionalAny supplier
Tie 10” and 14” clip on option in lightning blue or 39” standard tie in lightning blueBrigade
ShirtWhiteAny supplier

Reception – Year 6

Trousers Grey, tailored, classic style and full length to the shoes NOT jean like corduroy, overly tight or leggingsAny
Skirt Grey, classic style, knee length, pleated or straight. No pinafores permittedAny
Shorts Grey, tailored, classic style and knee length. NOT jean like, corduroy or overly tightAny
Socks Grey with trousers, white ankle socks with skirts. Plain with no logosAny
Tights Plain grey tights Any
Shoes A plain design, polishable plain black shoes, with traditional soles and design No: trimmings, logos, decorative buckles, coloured laces or stitching, or other decorations, trainers, fabric shoes or boots.Any
Summer dresses Light blue and white checked gingham dressAny
Book bagBlack Any


The P.E. Kit is to be kept at school in a bag (drawstring if possible) during the week.

Item Description Retailer
White t-shirt Plain Any
Shorts Plain black Any
SweatshirtPlain black Any
Tracksuit / Jogging bottoms Plain black Any
Trainers Any brand suitable for P.E. Any

No jewellery can be worn whilst doing physical education or swimming lessons. We advise that they do not wear their studs on these days. If they have to keep them in, parents/carers should provide plasters to cover them up. However, it is much safer to remove them.


In the interests of safety, practicality and hygiene, long hair should be tied back with a plain fixing. We would recommend that hair accessories, including hijabs, are in keeping with the school/natural hair colours. In addition, please ensure hair bows are no larger than your child’s hand. We are aware of the fact that children are continually subjected to fashion influences with regard to hair styles, some of which are appropriate to the school situation whilst others are not. Bearing this in mind, bright or unnatural hair colours are not permitted.


In the interests of the safety, rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other jewellery must not be worn during school sessions. If absolutely necessary, discrete studs may be worn but these must be easily removable for P.E. or appropriately covered with plasters provided from home. For swimming lessons earrings must be removed as the swimming provider will not accept
earrings to be worn in the pool.

Make-up, Nail Varnish and temporary tattoos

Make-up, nail varnish or temporary tattoos are not permitted unless necessary for a school concert, play or after school event. If present then we will contact the parent/carer to ask for it to be removed.

Brigade (Uniform Suppliers)

Brigade Clothing Limited
Torrington Avenue
Tile Hill
West Midlands

Tel: 024 7642 1083
Website: www.brigade.uk.com
Email: sales@brigage.uk.com

Uniform Policy

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